CNC Turning

The main purpose of  machining in JB Bearing  is the manufacture of bearing rings, housings, hub shafts, as well as the processing of cast housings for  Agri hub bearing units.

Raw material for turning include: bars, tubes, forgings, castings, rings.

Machines used for turning are six-spindle lathes for large series and CNC machines for processing rings of larger dimensions and small series. Technological possibilities of machining of rings for bearings in JB Bearing

  • Multi-spindle machines: diameters up to 120 mm
  • CNC machines: diameters up to 400 mm.

The basic document defines methods and criteria for measuring  content as below:

  • dimensional control (inner diameter/outer diameter/ width of rings, angles, raceways, depressions, radius)
  • shape deviations (ovality, profile deviation, parallelism, conicity, raceway deviations, clearance)
  • visual inspection
  • methods and instruments for measuring
  • frequency of measurements