Process Control

Raw material supplier quality control

The raw material quality control performed by JB applies to both through-hardened and case-hardened steels and is based on multi-test inspections , according to our Material Guidelines. These multi-test inspections strictly follow the applicable international standards and include: raw material chemical composition analysis, macro- and micro-structure inspections, mechanical properties determination and the Raw Material Quality Control Final Report issue for lot traceability. This final report is released by the Metallographic Quality Control Laboratory and the Mechanical Testing Laboratory, which are parts of the JB Product Approval Control Department. Also, periodically, according to the JB internal protocols, all of the measuring instruments and devices are metrologically checked by our Metrological Laboratory.

Patrol inspection

Patrol inspection means that an inspector patrols the manufacturing site and inspects items on timely basis. Thus leads to reduction of manufacturing lead time
Patrol inspectors are used to check the component at the time of production .The inspector should inspect the product at different work centre at different machine. this inspection reduces the defect in the product and handling of material and delay in production.
Work of patrol inspector
●  Inspection of various components.
●  Tool change approval.
●  Setting change approval.
●  CMM reports follow up.
●  Gauge calibrations.
●  Rejection parts delivery to rewo

Finished goods inspection

Through the use of video microscope, dimensional including roundness, radius, & roughness (Ra), hardness, torque, and digital noise/vibration ,JB has the means to verify bearings boundary and internal dimensional characteristics.
As JB is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, JB maintains a Tool and Gauge Calibration System. The tool and gauge calibration system conforms to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
To further ensure that product is exactly the quality level and specifications required, JB’s Engineering Department works closely with its customers’ technical & engineering departments to provide assistance with bearing selection, proper lubricant, mounting, documentation including CAD files, and elimination of stack-up-tolerance issues