Ball bearing, hub bearing unit, JB Agri Hub

JB Agri Hubs are maintenance-free, sealed bearing units, providing major advantages for both original equipment manufacturers and final customers.
Prepared with grease and sealed, JB Agri Hubs do not need grease refill and reduce the risk for grease spillage.
Particular distinguishing features:
Enhanced sealing system
Optimized contact angle and load capacity Provides better bearing rigidity
Industry-leading corrosion protection extends service life

Benefits from JB Agri Hub

• Cost-effective solution
• Higher product quality and reliability
• Supports sustainability efforts
• Reduce assembly times
• Increased farm productivity and proitability
• Relubrication-free
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to install/replace

Products Description

Designation      BAA-0009

Width( overall)    B      106 mm

Shaft                  d        30  mm

Included      Yes

Thread      Gs     M24 X 2 ( Male)  mm

Flange –mounting threads/holes

No    4

Threads    Gf      M12 x1.25  mm

Pitch Diameter     98 mm

Outer diameter    117 mm


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