Technology & innovation

Technology & innovation

Research & development

Ongoing Bearing Innovation

JB Bearings is committed to ongoing knowledge development and technology to keep our customers competitive and drive the industry forward.our engineers develop new application solutions and perform design validation, production testing and simulation of field conditions  in  R&D laboratories.

Advancing Bearing Design

The  JB innovation team provides  testing capabilities to:

  • Develop and validate agri hub designs, analytical methods and materials
  • Evaluate bearing performance
  • Prove out solutions under real machine conditions
  • Develop next-generation technologies

Investing in agri hub technology

JB  continues to make significant investments in agri hub development and testing to advance bearing performance and reliability in demanding conditions.

A team of material scientists has been assembled to develop our portfolio of proprietary materials, optimize process parameters and enhance product quality. Moreover, fully integrates materials research with engineering expertise and practical experience in machinery applications to create true value for customers.

Special design from customers
Due to the particularity of agricultural machinery bearings, there are many varieties and small batches、Non standard and other characteristics, in order to meet the needs of customers, JB specially establishes a design and develop- ment team